The Panorama of Island Destinations Island aims to give to all the isle regions of the country, a chance to present their comparative advantages, beauties, sights, the services offered in each of them, the possibilities of thematic tourism that they have and to share them with their domestic and international audience. The aim is boosting tourism in their region and developing local economies. It is carried out in collaboration with the Hellenic Network of Small Islands. Due to the pandemic, the exhibition will take place at the Digital Exhibition Center created by Mact Media Group – first of its kind in Greece – in an effort that will have nothing to envy from a physical exhibition, ensuring at the same time the safety and health of exhibitors
and visitors.

Virtual Exhibition Center

The Virtual interface of the exhibition platform is easy to use and resembles to a live exhibition. In the virtual environment there are specially designed spaces for exhibitors. There they can promote their services and products, interact with visitors and with each other. The platform works just like a live trade show, with easy access to all the features. The structure of the virtual exhibition includes a virtual exhibition center. Exhibitors can build virtual kiosks displaying information related to their services or products, as they would during a physical trade show. Visitors can see these virtual kiosks displayed in the
exhibition space. Users – both exhibitors and visitors – can easily in this virtual environment creating trade agreements. The power of virtual exhibitions is the live communication with companies (which have their own booth inside the virtual exhibition). The whole world on your screen with a complete presentation of each company-exhibitor.


Island Destinations

Participants in the exhibition will be the island destinations of Greece and the Mediterranean in order to highlight the comparative advantage of its area, how one can visit them, get to know the important points and their gastronomy. The purpose is for Greek and foreign visitors to get to know the islands of Greece and the Mediterranean and to spend holidays in the area of ​​their choice. Greece is famous for its islands, turquoise waters and the hospitality of its people. Greece has a coastline of 13,676 kilometers, which is considered extremely large, and is due to the rich horizontal territorial division and the intense relief of the area, as well as the number of countless islands. Greece, is the country of islands, as it has 2,000 islands. The Greek islands may monopolize the interest every summer, but the Mediterranean reveals countless – more or less known – “diamonds” that float in the endless blue. Get to know all the island destinations of Greece and the Mediterranean in the virtual exhibition “Panorama of Island Destinations”.


Event Planner

MACT MEDIA GROUP is a team of people with deep knowledge and long experience in Destination Marketing services.
Specializwe in Tourism Marketing having achieved important collaborations in Greece and abroad. Undertakes daily planning
and implementation of any kind of project, specializes in MICE industry and has in its portfolio important exhibitions in
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